Saturday, 20 October 2007

A New Venture.

Planet Mondo and I have decided that it would be good fun to write about some of our favourite long playing records( as they were called once upon a time). We have quite different tastes in music although we are firmly based in punk/indie side of things. There will be the odd slice of jazz and knowing Mondo a bit piece of funk as well as glam (another Mondo fav) and post-rock (my obsession) as well as loads of stuff that may not make it to the Top 100 lists in Q and Mojo magazines.

I hope you enjoy the ride. It's coming very soon.


Planet Mondo said...

Oh yes itching to scribble, now where do I start?
The underrated album
The over rated album
The album that changed my life (oh yes there is one)
The album I'm too ashamed to admit I like, and can't quite believe I like it.
The now that's what I call an album, album.
The best soundtrack album
The where have you been all my life album.

*grabs pencil and heads toward dusty CD collection dribbling*

Philip. said...

Got any Yes??